To connect people in Kenya with the essential resources they need to make a genuine and lasting impact on the health and wellness of their own communities.


The Traditional Birth Attendants training project provides comprehensive training, birth supplies, HIV counseling and family planning to the women in Kenya who assist in the majority of the country’s births.  The villages where we have done trainings have reported a drastically reduced number of maternal and infant deaths.


The Kaswanga farm is a collective farming project that was started in 2010 in the village of Kaswanga on Rusinga Island in western Kenya. We currently farm around 14 acres of land that feeds over 120 families.


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We are planning to expand both projects by building a maternity clinic in Malindi and an additional fish farm and greenhouses in Kaswanga.  The growth of these projects will impact the lives and well-being of so many who crave the access to maternal healthcare and to be able to grow food for their families year round.  Thank you so much for all of your help.